What to Do on Macleay

Macleay Island is the second biggest of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, which are nestled between Stradbroke Island and the main land. Originally utilised for fruit farming the island is dotted in large fruit trees, spread through the surrounding wildlife. Macleay sports multiple parks and beaches, boating clubs, cafes, holiday accomodation and fishing locations in a place that feels calm and relaxing, making it the perfect spot for a fun day trip or much needed holiday.


Parks and Beaches

Macleay Island is rich in natural beauty, full of native wildlife and covered in classic Australian bush. If you love fishing, boating, hiking or just relaxing by the bay Macleay offers just what you need to chill out and unwind.


Where to Eat

Here on Macleay Island we have a wonderful variety of delicious food, from pub dinners to artisanal baked goods, so whether you’re looking for the perfect picnic food or you’re in need of a tasty dinner Macleay can provide.



Macleay Island makes a great day trip, but if you feel like staying longer we have an excellent selection of holiday homes, hotels and BNB’s so you can experience as much of the island as possible, with a comfy room to head back to.


Recreation & Leisure

Golfing, Bowling, Fishing and Boating, could it get more relaxed? Macleay Island has many quality options for those of you who are seeking leisure or classic bay side recreation.


The Essentials

While solitude and relaxed, Macleay Island doesn’t lack in any of the suburban essentials. Whether you need a doctor, chemist or vet, groceries, fishing lures, or triple A batteries there’s a store here that can help.


Looking For a Home?

Macleay Island has a wide array of unique and beautiful homes for rent and for sale, many of which sport full ocean views, and a large range of real estate agencies and agents to help you find your perfect property.

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