What’s Happening On Macleay?

Macleay Island is the second biggest of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, which are nestled between Stradbroke Island and the main land. Originally utilised for fruit farming the island is dotted in large fruit trees, dotted through the surrounding wildlife and natural beauty. Macleay sports multiple parks and beaches, boating clubs, cafes, holiday accomodation and fishing locations in a place that feels calm and relaxing, making it the perfect spot for a fun day trip or much needed holiday.
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SMBI Little Bus Services will be coming soon to:
- Russel Island
- Lamb Island
- Karragarra Island
- Coochimudlo Island

We are doing our best to start an SMBI Little Bus Service on the other Southern Moreton Bay Islands, and the good news is we’re not far off! Your support and encouragement is not only important to us but essential to our success, we appreciate the incredible community we have here and can’t wait to be driving you all about in the near future.
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