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Australia Day Timetables

Australia Day Timetables

Here’s a quick update on our Australia Day Timetables!

We want you to have the best Australia Day possible, so SMBI Little Bus will be running from 4.30am on Saturday the 26th, to 1.00am on Sunday the 27th to ensure you get home safe no matter where or when you decide to go. Saturday the 26th will be the normal Saturday timetable which you can find here.

We will be running on our usual Sunday schedule for the rest of the 27th.

On Monday the 28th we will be running on a public holiday timetable (the Sunday timetable) to coincide with the Ferry schedule.

If you’re travelling inter Island on Australia Day and you’re concerned you may miss the bus, give us a call and let us know when to expect you. We will be running a second bus when necessary to make sure you all get where you need to go safe and sound.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

We hope to see you soon
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Website Updates

Website Updates