Middle Shops



Mumma’s Pizza Cafe

Better than any mainstream pizza joint, Mumma’s pizza cafe provides fresh flavour-full pizza to order for pick up or free delivery (for orders over $15). They are the perfect option for those nights when you’re craving a home cooked meal but don’t have the energy to spend time in the kitchen.
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5 Star

Grocery Store

The 5 Star Grocery store is provides general groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy goods and home utility essentials and is the nearest general store to the southern end of the Island. They are also the sole providers of fuel on the Island, so stop by if you’re in need of a fill up.

Address: 47 High Central Rd, MacLeay Island
Phone: 07 3409 5408

Macleay Pets Plus

MAcleay Island’s Pets Plus provides the island with all they need for their precious pet friends, whether feather, furred or covered in scales. Come here for general medications, food, accessory essentials (leads, collars, cages etc.), bug repellents and even pet themed gifts.
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