Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you need more information, or have another questions please visit the contact us page to get in touch with us.


Are we fully accredited?

Yes we are, we are fully accredited and certified to be running our bus service including all vehicles and drivers. If you have any concerns please visit this page for proof of our certification, and contact us if you have further questions.



Do I have to book my ride?

Yes you need to book your journey. We run on a schedule that aims to meet every boat that is direct from Karragarra, however if there is a booking elsewhere on the Island at the same time the booking will take priority. For booking options please click here.



What will my travel cost?

We have ticket options to suit every individual and group, you can view all of these options here.



Can SMBI Little Bus pick me up from my house?

Yes we definitely can. We can collect you from anywhere on the Island, and deliver you to wherever you need to go.



Are pets allowed in the SMBI Little Bus’s?

Yes, however we ask that all dogs are muzzled as they would be on the ferry, and that large dogs are kept at your feet in the vehicle. All other pets must be caged, caged pets will be placed in the cargo hold of the vehicle for the journey.



Will SMBI Little Bus be coming to the other Southern Moreton Bay Islands?

We are always looking for new opportunities to support our community, if you feel your Island needs our Little Bus service, please send us an enquiry here.



Are we residents of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands?

Yes! We have lived on Macleay Island for 8 years, and would recommend Island life to anyone who asked.



I’ve left something in one of your Bus’s, how do I get it back?

Please call us on 0412 913 605 and we will find the best way to get your lost items back to you.



Are SMBI Little Bus’s equipped to accomodate individuals with disabilities?

SMBI Little Bus’s are large enough to accomodate certain disabilities but we do not currently have a vehicle in our fleet with a lift for wheelchair bound customers. We are working on obtaining a vehicle which can service these individuals, and hope to have one on our Macleay Island roads soon as we know it is a much needed option. If you need to speak with someone about whether SMBI Little Bus is an transport option for you or a loved one please call 0412 913 605.