We first thought of SMBI Little Bus as the solution to a big issue we had as a family on Macleay Island. Having been residents of Macleay for eight years as a family of seven (and growing) with one vehicle we were finding it increasingly difficult to get around the island, and to and from the ferry. With all but one family member going to work, school, or university on the mainland, and spread across three houses there was a real struggle when it came to sharing our single vehicle, and this was a big problem where safety was concerned, getting home from the ferry or from a friends house late at night with no transport available.
No doubt the necessity to walk, or ride our bikes helps to keep us fit but where, safety, punctuality and efficiency is concerned walking is not always the best option. Not to mention the many individuals in our community who’s situation, condition or age prevent them from making such trips on foot.
So SMBI Little Bus was born out of the need to get our loved ones home safely, but when we began thinking about the possibility of a bus service for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands we quickly realised just how much our community needs the bus as a transport option. Whether you’re trying to lug home your groceries, make it to the ferry for work, get a vulnerable loved one home safely or get to Pat’s Park to enjoy a sunny day as a visitor to the Island, the lack of available transport is a big barrier.
From it’s beginnings as a means to get our family home safely, SMBI Little Bus has developed into a service which hopes to improve the lives and businesses of every island resident and visitor.



SMBI Little Bus is committed to getting passengers safely to their destination on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. By providing a passenger service, SMBI Little Bus is determined to support local businesses and individuals to prosper by linking people with shops, health care, education and work; and provide a means for visitors to explore the natural beauty abundant on the Islands. SMBI Little Bus will provide a service that is reliable, clean, professional and safe.



Get to know us, so when you need to get in touch you know exactly who you’re talking to.


Mandy started SMBI Little Bus in late 2018 as a means to get her family home safe, and has since been overwhelmingly happy with the way SMBI Little Bus has been received by Macleay Island. She is overjoyed to know the service has helped so many of you get around, and visit our beautiful Island.
She has been a resident of Macleay Island for eight years, moving her family there to enjoy the relaxation and solitude the island provides. With a love of fishing, boating and wildlife, her family agrees that there could be no better place for Mandy to call home.
As a single mother of four, and grandmother to one she has always been a hard working and diligent woman, and creating SMBI Little Bus is proof of her love for Macleay Island and dedication to care for it’s wonderful community.
When calling our SMBI Little Bus contact number you will likely be answered by Mandy, and she will happily help you with any questions you may have.

Second in Command

If you contact us online through our website, email, facebook or instagram you will likely be speaking with Lilly, our Head of Customer Relations and Digital Media Manager.
Lilly has a background in customer service and care, and is dedicated to supporting the customers of SMBI Little Bus with whatever they need to feel informed on and satisfied with our service. You can rely on her to promptly find you the best solution to any query you have, seven days a week at any hour of the day. She is also the creator of our website, and manager of all of our digital platforms, and looks forward to networking with local business to promote the islands and the many attractions and services they provide.


Our drivers are all fully licensed and accreted to be driving a commercial, bookable bus service and will provide you with a safe and friendly lift around the Islands. You can always expect a smile and a friendly chat from our driving team, as each of them is incredibly passionate about their job and love being out in the community. Being a Little Bus Driver takes patience, kindness and a high level of communication and problem solving skills and we are incredibly proud of our driving team who consistently rise to the occasion no matter what.

Our Phone Administrators

Lead by two individuals with extensive customer service experience, our phone administration team share a passion for taking care of our islanders and helping them to find the best way to get where they need to go. They parallel our driver in every way, working with them to ensure we provide the best service possible. They are the reason we are able to answer the phone during every minute of our operating hours, and are relied upon for all bookings and routing.

Want to get in contact? View our contact details by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you.